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The Pixel and Voxel Trove is curated to track and showcase tokens related to metaverse projects that leverage pixel and voxel art styles. This Trove represents a unique blend of digital artistry in gaming, encompassing both the nostalgic, retro appeal of pixel-based games and the innovative, immersive qualities of voxel-based games.

Pixel games in this Trove are characterized by their iconic, grid-based 2D graphics, harking back to the early days of gaming and embodying a simplistic yet expressive art form. Voxel games, on the other hand, are represented by their 3D block-like structures, offering a modern twist to game design with intricate world-building capabilities.

This Trove covers both established titles and emerging projects and is periodically updated to provide a comprehensive and up-to-date representation of this category within the metaverse.

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