Explore Fiefdom Troves

Each Trove is a curated collection of tokens, bound by specific themes and categories.

Arbitrum Orbit Chain

Arbitrum Orbit Chain Trove

Tracks network tokens for Arbitrum Orbit Chains.

Voxel Trove

Pixel and Voxel Trove

Tracks tokens related to pixel and voxel metaverse projects.

Fiefdom Ecosystem Trove

Fiefdom Ecosystem Trove

Tracks tokens of projects with a presence on Fiefdom.

Coming Soon


Voxel Character

What is Fiefdom?

Fiefdom is a new blockchain network dedicated to trading and gaming in the metaverse. As an Arbitrum Orbit chain, Fiefdom is designed for low-fees and fast transactions capable of supporting both on-chain DeFi and gaming. Fiefdom is currently in testnet and will use FIEF as a gas token.

What are Troves?

Troves are custom designed token indices that provide specialized insights into token categories.

What pain point does Troves solve?

Troves were born out of a frustration with current analytics platforms that design category trackers with limited granularity. This is compounded by the issue that most platforms build categories using requests from projects that are often not fully accurate.

Are Troves Tradable?

No, not currently. Troves are meant to provide curated information; however, tokenization via Fief Protocol or independent third party on the Fiefdom network is a potential path. This would require improvements to data oracles, among other considerations.